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Below are just some of the comments made by our happy clients after using the EasyLoanForYou service:
"I wasn't sure you'd be able to help me. To be true, I had lots of doubts. But now I have paid back the money I owed my family, and all thanks to your unsecured loan. "
Applied 2010-01-28 Approved 2010-02-01 William Parks
"I needed a loan for a cosmetic treatment and nobody approved me. I tried everywhere unsuccessfully. I was disappointed and frustrated when a friend of mine recommended your site. I joined without much hopes but you soon got me approved. Iím so happy I could keep on writing a longer thank you note but I donít want to waste your time. Thank you, thank you!"
Applied 2007-07-08 Approved 2007-07-17 Laura, WA
"My electrical appliances decided to break down all at the same time, it would have been impossible for me to replace them all together if it hadn't been for your loan. Thank you!"
Applied 2010-05-03 Approved 2010-05-08 Lauren, MD
"I used to think there were no good people left in the financial world, I am happy to say that I was wrong! Thank you so much for your help, you saved my finances!"
Applied 2009-02-26 Approved 2009-03-04 Roxanne Smart
"I must confess I tried other programs and I was very disappointed. Your service, on the other hand, is great. I got approved within a week for an unsecured personal loan and for the amount of money I requested."
Applied 2005-04-10 Approved 2005-04-15 Gary, OR
"I love your service! You offer everything a person needs as far as funding and financial assistance goes."
Applied 2009-06-10 Approved 2009-06-17 Jacob Hall
"I had been through a lot of problems and I had to face a bankruptcy. Two years later I still couldnít get my finances straight again. Then I found your information on fresh start loans. I thought the concept was fabulous and that that was exactly what I needed, so I applied. I got a bit impatient but after two weeks I got the money assigned and now everything is looking brighter. I got you to thank for that; keep up with the good work!"
Applied 2006-06-26 Approved 2006-07-12 Maurice, FL
"To make a long story short, in a matter of a couple of days I got all the finance I needed to buy the truck I wanted for my new business project. You cannot begin to understand how helpful youíve been to me both economically and emotionally. Thanks a lot!"
Applied 2004-03-17 Approved 2004-04-10 Larry, CA
"I was offered a personal loan with terms according to my financial status and a very good repayment plan, I'm very happy."
Applied 2010-04-10 Approved 2010-04-15 Emily D.
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