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"I joined EasyLoanForYou.com on Friday and I was approved for a loan by Thursday the following week. Thanks for all your help!"
Below are just some of the comments made by our happy clients after using the EasyLoanForYou service:
"Iíve used many online cash advance services before but never got such a speedy response before. Your lenders really understand what an urgent situation means and how annoying delays are in these situations. I can say that you stand up to your word and I will definitely recommend your site to everyone. Your site helped me through difficult times. Thank you!"
Applied 2011-05-07 Approved 2011-05-07 Racheal, NC
"As you told me, I used my home equity to obtain funds to start my business. Iím now making a good income and Iím planning to pay off the loan sooner and probably the mortgage too. And I have to thank you for that! "
Applied 2006-09-05 Approved 2006-09-08 Adrian Shaw
"I used to have a lot of credit cards but I had some financial problems and I had to close most accounts. Now that I recovered, I was still getting declined and couldnít get a plain and regular VISA with a reasonable credit limit. After I joined your site, I no longer have that problem. I got both a VISA and MasterCard from the same issuer with great terms. "
Applied 2006-10-15 Approved 2006-10-19 William, DC
"The idea of applying for a home equity loan instead of a personal loan was excellent. I got the funds I needed and now Iíll be able to afford the loan repayment with more ease. Thanks for the tip and for helping me find the appropriate lender!"
Applied 2007-02-19 Approved 2007-02-25 Amanda Borja
"Previous lenders had dismissed us 30 minutes after we submitted an application. We just wanted some extra money for making some home improvements but my husband had made some financial mistakes in the past that prevented us from getting approved. After I contacted you, it only took a couple of days for us to get approved for a home equity loan for the money we needed. No more declines you said and It was so true! "
Applied 2006-04-18 Approved 2006-04-23 Martin & Laura
"I thought that no one would lend me with my credit being so bad. You were so helpful, thanks."
Applied 2006-03-11 Approved 2006-03-14 Marie Moore
"The saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" does not apply to you. Thanks for putting my mind at ease and actually living up to your claims."
Applied 2009-05-10 Approved 2009-05-14 Fred Charlton
"We are a young couple who fell in love in junior high and decided to get married right after graduating high school. It would have been impossible for us to have the beautiful wedding we had if we hadn't received help from your lending team despite our lack of credit. We have no words to thank you!"
Applied 2010-05-02 Approved 2010-05-07 Erica and Walter Yipple
"I'm too old to be looking at loans in the internet but that's how things work these days. You beared with me more than my own children! Just kidding but I'm really grateful. "
Applied 2009-10-11 Approved 2009-10-14 Patrick Grant
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