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"I joined EasyLoanForYou.com on Friday and I was approved for a loan by Thursday the following week. Thanks for all your help!"
Below are just some of the comments made by our happy clients after using the EasyLoanForYou service:
"My Husband and I needed some vacations but we didnít want to use our saving as we keep that money for emergencies. A holiday loan was the solution I was searching for just like you pointed out. Thanks for taking the time to explain me and get me approved."
Applied 2007-03-28 Approved 2007-04-06 Lisa Harmon
"I wanted to do an elective medical treatment that required an expensive procedure first. First I tried to contact different physicians but all provided the same answer: that my health insurance didnít cover such treatments and that I would need to pay for it. At that point, I had no money saved so I started looking for Medical Loans. I ran into your site and joined. In a matter of days I got approved for the loan I wanted and the exact amount I needed. Thanks! "
Applied 2007-02-21 Approved 2007-03-02 Donna Meeker, NY
"Thank you guys for understanding our credit problem. We had an excellent car buying experience and you where so helpful finding us a car loan. "
Applied 2011-06-24 Approved 2011-07-16 Patty, SC
"In less than I day, I received a call from your lenders telling me that I'd been approved for the loan I needed to open up my restorant. I'm excited to get started with my project!"
Applied 2010-05-03 Approved 2010-05-04 M. Carter
"Not owning any asset, I couldnít get finance with reasonable terms. My credit score is really low and that also is a drawback. Yet, you did find for me a lender that didnít require collateral or a co-signer (which I didnít have either) and I got approved at once. Thank you."
Applied 2006-11-08 Approved 2006-11-13 William, NY
"I must confess I didnít want a secured loan at first because I feared using my home as collateral for the loan. I didnít even know that I could use the car as collateral if I wasnít purchasing one. I now prefer secured loans because the terms are much better than what Iíve obtained before. Thank you for helping me get approved for the loan I needed!"
Applied 2007-03-27 Approved 2007-03-30 Joyce Moran
"My new business needed finance but since it was new I couldnít get approved for a business loan and my own credit is not good at all but you suggested a home equity loan and I got approved right away. Thank you so much!"
Applied 2006-02-12 Approved 2006-02-16 Sarah
"I am very thankful to your team for the service provided. I've applied for two credit cards and I got both within 20 days. Your team is doing an excellent job and the customer service is kind and competent I really canít ask for more. Congratulations!"
Applied 2003-11-20 Approved 2003-12-09 Helen, NH
"I know nothing about loans and finance but I needed to refinance my car since I couldnít keep up with the monthly payments and you really help me with that, thanks a lot."
Applied 2005-05-10 Approved 2005-05-24 Kevin, SC
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