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Below are just some of the comments made by our happy clients after using the EasyLoanForYou service:
"Last year was a tough one, I got divorced, I had to file for bankruptcy and I lost my house. Needless to say, my credit score suffered accordingly. Your bad credit loan gave me the tools I was lacking to get back on the horse and give life a new try. I even have a new girlfriend! Just kidding, but thanks for all the help."
Applied 2010-03-24 Approved 2010-03-31 Steve Grant
"I heard that the terms offered on unsecured loans were usually worse than the ones on secured loans. Either your secured loans have unbelievable terms or you are different than the rest! I guess it's both!"
Applied 2010-01-11 Approved 2010-01-15 Farrah Smith
"I want to thank you for helping me refinance my home mortgage loan. Now I can afford the monthly payments without difficulties and will soon be taking an auto loan to purchase a car to go to work. Iíll use your services again soon. I really appreciate your help!"
Applied 2007-06-27 Approved 2007-07-02 Jill Miller
"I want to thank you guys so much. You saved me."
Applied 2005-04-20 Approved 2005-05-15 Diane Miller
"Thank you for guiding me through the debt consolidation process and helping me find an agency that could actually help me. "
Applied 2007-04-15 Approved 2007-04-18 Brian
"I've recommended your site and your service to three of my classmates, I'm sure they could use a student loan with the kind of terms you got for me."
Applied 2010-06-02 Approved 2010-06-06 Joann Hubbard
"I read that article about boat loans on your database and was touched because I too used to go fishing with my father who could never afford to purchase his own boat. I decided to realize his dream myself and applied for a boat loan with your help. I want to thank you so much for your help and would like to contact the author of the article to invite him to a fishing trip!"
Applied 2007-02-27 Approved 2007-03-06 Robert Heighes
"After one of the most stressful years of my life, I had a mortgage loan payment, a car loan payment and a credit card debt payment weighing on my poor self. I really have no words for you, my payments were all rolled into one and the interest rate I received on the consolidation loan is amazing, I'm actually saving money! Thank you!"
Applied 2009-08-17 Approved 2009-08-21 Liam
"I'm a busy person, I'll be honest, I needed a loan quickly, but I didn't expect much from you. Boy was I mistaken!"
Applied 2010-04-15 Approved 2010-04-20 Norma Wheeler
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